Depending on the time of year or your child’s favorite sport, you’ll make a big hit with a party that focuses on football, baseball, soccer or other popular games. It’s easy to print invitations on paper that is shaped like a football or modeled after a baseball scorecard. You can also create invitations that mimic a game day ticket. If your child is a Dodger’s fan, make sure the invitations are blue, and incorporate baseball graphics. On the invitation, encourage guests to come to the party wearing a shirt or jersey for their favorite team.

Decorate the room to match the colors of your child’s favorite sports team. Most party supply stores sell plates, napkins, cups and other decorations to coincide with Major League Baseball and National Football League teams.

Hang team banners, pennants and streamers around the room, decorate tables with pompons, hang balloons in the team colors and get posters of football or baseball players to create a winning atmosphere.

To take the décor even further, a balloon “athlete” sculpture in your favorite team colors can greet guests at the entrance or referee the food or gift tables.

As guests arrive, help them put on their “game face” by handing out team tattoos or having face paint on hand. You can also use colored hair gel and have oversized jerseys on hand for children to have their picture taken in.

For a craft activity, hand out blank, felt-shaped pennants and let each child decorate their own. You can also play sports-themed trivia games, and if you have a large backyard or nearby park, you can organize a real game.

When it comes to food for a sports-themed party, think tailgating! That means hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and dip, foot-long sub sandwiches and bottled drinks.

For party favors, consider team stickers or magnets, pencils or lanyards with team logos, and creating a customized “trading” card with the child’s photo taken at the party. You can create the cards in advance with various facts about the “athlete” and affix the photo during the party.

With these various thematic elements, your party is sure to be a grand slam.