One of the hottest color trends is using chocolate brown as the main color and another color as its complement. Such color groupings include brown and pink; brown and green; brown and yellow; and other color combinations.

Our bride wanted us to create centerpieces for her bridal shower. Her color scheme was chocolate brown and turquoise.

Ok, great! We love working with fabulous color combinations.  First, we used this gorgeous chocolate brown ribbon adorned with turquoise filigrees to decorate the base.  To make the two colors pop, we added silver and white balloons which gave it a nice balance.

For a bit of fun and movement, we added a special effect to the centerpiece.  If you look closely at the photo, in the center of the centerpiece, you will see bubbles rising up through the water placed inside of the clear column.  We wrapped sheer turquoise ribbon around the clear column to tie in the top of the centerpiece with the bottom of the centerpiece design.

The design proved to be a conversational (center) piece!

Bridal shower centerpiece