Spider Balloon Arch

Halloween is such a fun time for both children and adults alike! Its a chance to dress up in fun costumes and eat all of the candy that your tummy can handle.  We get a chance to dress up balloon decor to reflect this fun day.

Balloon Divas worked with an elementary school to create some festive balloon decorations for their Halloween Festival.  We were tasked with highlighting the snack station and the stage where video games would be played.  We also highlighted the other game and activity booths around the gym.

Our first stop was the snack station. We decided to create an arch with a few creepy crawling spiders trying to make their way to grab the snacks before the students!  A bright mandarin orange arch served as the perfect backdrop for our three creepy-crawling friends – Spidey, Charlotte, and Itsy-Bitsy.

Batty Balloon Arch

Our next area was the stage.  We created two towering orange and black spiral columns topped with 3-foot balloons with bats flying all-around a full, yellow moon.  We connected the two columns with an orange and black string-of-pearls arch with cascading ribbon tendrils that perfectly framed the large screen on stage.

The balloon decorations set the stage for a frighteningly fun festival!