Aaah, that wonderful, magical age…sweet 16!  Thanks to MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, many teens want to have an all-out super birthday bash.  There are so many themes to choose from as well as those that are totally unique.

Brittny and Briauna decided to have the tried-and-true “Hollywood” theme for their dual-birthday celebration.  Balloon Divas was brought in as the “set decorators” to create show-stopping balloon decor.

The colors were black, gold, and silver.  We wanted to highlight the various event scenes, such as the entrance, dance floor, tables, and stage.  First, we placed huge, floating gold stars alongside the red carpet to guide guests into the main event room.

Next, we created star-topped centerpieces with shimmering gold and silver ribbon cascading around the director’s board. Then, to outline the dance floor, a criss-cross balloon canopy was created with each column topped with a movie reel and director’s board. And to add some sparkle, we added twinkling lights throughout the balloon columns.

Lastly, to highlight their birthday age, we placed a huge, floating “16” on the stage centered between gold, black, and silver stair-stepped floating stars. Sweeeet!!!

Happy birthday to Hollywood’s glamour stars – Brittny and Briauna!