Balloon decor is an art and requires skill and technique.  The bar has been raised by the innovations of many talented balloon artists all over the world.  You would not believe the incredible balloon artistry from fellow balloon professionals from places like China, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia, and other places near and far.

It is so important for balloon professionals to take part in classes, conventions, and trade shows.  The balloon industry is always full of new and exciting new techniques and creations that we bring back to you.

Balloon Divas participates in many industry events and invests in our education. Plus it gives us a chance to catch up with our industry friends too!

These photos are from one of the classes we took with highly-regarded balloon artist and professional Glenna Kipp.  Mrs. Kipp’s love for this industry shows in each class she teaches and all the things she has shared (and continues to share) with all of us.  Thanks Glenna!

(The last photo captures the entire class who all assisted in building the balloon decor under the guidance of instructor Glenna Kipp.)

LOL Floral ArchLOL fashionable topiaryLOL colorful arch