Before and After - Grad Party

Aaahhh, the power of balloons! Balloons create bursts of color and movement in a space.  They also help to draw the eyes towards a focal point, draw guests into an event, and highlight specific areas.

This is a standard hotel ballroom. Notice how on the “before” picture that the room looks flat and a bit bland.  There is also a dance floor that is hardly noticeable because it blends with the wall color.  Hmmm, this event is supposed to be a festive and milestone event – a graduation celebration. How do we change drab to fab?  With balloons of course!

First, we want to add color – brilliant blue, bewitching black, wondrous white, and shimmering silver. Next we definitely want to highlight the dance floor – where guests will be dancing throughout the night.  We do this by framing the dance floor with criss-cross, string-of-pearls arches. See how it beckons guests to the dance floor?  It also draws the eye in and creates height within the room.

Balloons offer so many options for creating a spectacular atmosphere for your celebration. Experience the power of balloons for your next event!