The inspiration for this event’s decor was from a couple celebrating their anniversary. Not only were they celebrating an anniversary, but they were going to embark on a week’s cruise. Family and friends wanted to commemorate their anniversary and send them off in style! Balloon Divas was brought “on board” (sorry, I couldn’t resist) to create decor for the anniversary celebration.

We decided to do a life-sized anchor, complete with sea darlings, to welcome guests into the party area. Our sea darlings included Oscar the Octopus, Carla the Crab, Spark the Starfish, and Phil the Fish.





















As guests mingled and made their way to be seated, pint-sized anchors greeted them as centerpieces. Small candles filled with sand and decorated with sea shells further carried the theme and were placed around the anchors.

anchor centerpieces










We were pleased to find out that the life-sized anchor did double-duty as an entrance piece and a photo backdrop where family and friends took pictures as keepsakes for the couple.