About Us

Balloon Divas

Balloon Divas is a full service balloon décor company serving the entire Los Angeles area and its surrounding cities. We specialize in classic balloon décor (arches, centerpieces, columns, bouquets, topiaries, canopies, sculptures, special effects, and more) for all occasions. Balloon Divas is committed to creating stunning and innovative balloon décor that will make your events pop with color, fun, movement, and energy!


Balloon Diva

I’m Asha, the owner of Balloon Divas and started my journey within this industry in 2000. While attending a business trade show, I visited a booth that had the “Gift in a Balloon” machine on display. That machine sparked my fascination and led me to take balloon design classes and attend my first balloon industry convention. I was totally inspired!

From there on, I took many more classes and started a small balloon, floral design, and gift basket business. After taking a break from balloons to complete my M.B.A. degree program, I re-entered the events industry as an event planner, but soon returned to my first love – balloon decor! So, in 2009, Balloon Divas was born.


Team Diva

Balloon Divas would not be where we are without the help and dedication of our fabulous team!

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