I am a child of the 80’s, so imagine my delight in having my client book an 80’s themed party for her sisters 40th birthday! The 1980’s was a decade of an unmistakably distinct popular culture in fashion, music, movies, politics, and sports.

  • Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Duran Duran were at the top of music charts
  • Neon was a popular color trend
  • Brat Pack movies kept young adults in the movie theaters
  • MTV debuted
  • Los Angeles was the host of the 1984 Summer Olympic games
  • Pac-Man was insanely popular

80's Neon Arch









My client and I decided to go with a neon color scheme for the event. We used neons green, blue, pink, orange, and purple to create an arch over the entrance into the ballroom. We also put over 100 neon balloons on the dance floor and floating neon balloons on the tables.

80's Neon Balloons        80's neon centerpieces

There were posters of Michael Jackson and Duran Duran, a “Pep Rally” banner, boom boxes, stickers, neon bracelets, and other 80’s trinkets that were used to bring that nostalgic 80’s feel to the room.  It was so much fun to look at and remember all of the things that made the 80’s a decade to remember.

Cheers to the 80’s !