Shower Centerpiece Surprise

One of the hottest color trends is using chocolate brown as the main color and another color as its complement. Such color groupings include brown and pink; brown and green; brown and yellow; and other color combinations. Our bride wanted us to create centerpieces for her bridal shower. Her color scheme was chocolate brown and […]

My Fair Wedding & Balloon Divas

Balloon Divas was contacted to provide balloon decor for My Fair Wedding with David Tutera.  Read our previous post here.  We provided balloon decor for the episode titled “Hearts Bride”.  Following is a clip of the “Hearts Bride” episode.  We suspended huge balloons in several shades of pink on the stage as a backdrop for […]

My Fair Wedding with David Tutera

Balloon Divas was contacted recently to provide balloon decor for the hit TV show “My Fair Wedding with David Tutera”. David Tutera is the celebrity event planner known for the lavish weddings and events he plans and his luxurious line of wedding gowns. Although Tutera has stated before that balloons do not belong at weddings, […]

Balloon Canopies Part 1: Full Canopy

Balloon canopies are a festive way to highlight a dance floor or draw attention to a particular area. There are different types of balloon canopies: Full, Open, Criss-Cross, Illusion, Gazebo, and Link-O-Loon. The difference between the canopies is how the top of the canopy is designed. Part 1 will focus on the full balloon canopy. […]

The Beauty of Wedding Arches

Like arches all over the world, the wedding arch is about support, beauty, and creating a bridge from one life to another.  The arch is a symbol of unity, preservation, and support – everything that you want your marriage to be. Arches are one of the most popular decorative choices for modern weddings.  Although celebratory […]