80’s Neon Throwback Party

I am a child of the 80’s, so imagine my delight in having my client book an 80’s themed party for her sisters 40th birthday! The 1980’s was a decade of an unmistakably distinct popular culture in fashion, music, movies, politics, and sports. Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Duran Duran were at the top of music […]

Before & After: Grad Party

Aaahhh, the power of balloons! Balloons create bursts of color and movement in a space.  They also help to draw the eyes towards a focal point, draw guests into an event, and highlight specific areas. This is a standard hotel ballroom. Notice how on the “before” picture that the room looks flat and a bit […]

Balloon Divas is on YouTube!

We uploaded our very first video to YouTube.  It’s a collection of some of our balloon arches, titled “Awesome Balloon Arches”.  We’ll be adding more videos in the future. Some will show you how to create basic balloon decorations, such as balloon arches and columns.  Other videos will feature behind-the-scenes footage of the Balloon Divas […]

Tell Me a Story

Balloon Divas was delighted to work with Mar Vista Family Center this year for their 7th annual Literacy Fair. It was a festival of sorts with literacy activities, educational games, free books, arts and crafts, and reading circles featuring celebrity guests reading their favorite childhood books.             An orange, blue, […]

The Beauty of Wedding Arches

Like arches all over the world, the wedding arch is about support, beauty, and creating a bridge from one life to another.  The arch is a symbol of unity, preservation, and support – everything that you want your marriage to be. Arches are one of the most popular decorative choices for modern weddings.  Although celebratory […]