About Us


Welcome to the Balloon Divas Blog: The Wonderful World of Balloon Artistry!  I’m Asha Adkins, the owner and creative director of Balloon Divas, a full-service balloon decor company located in Los Angeles, California. What your event receives from Balloon Divas is “stunning balloon decor that makes your event pop with color, fun, movement, and energy!”

I started my journey within this industry about 10 years ago.  When visiting a business trade show, I came across a booth that was selling the “Gift in a Balloon” machine.  From there, my fascination led me to take balloon decor classes and attend my first balloon industry convention.  I was totally inspired!

From there on, I took many more classes and started a small balloon, floral design, and gift basket business.  After taking a break from balloons to complete my M.B.A. degree program, I re-entered the events industry as an event planner, but soon returned to my first love – balloon decor!  So, in 2009, along with colleague and balloon twisting expert De Konda Russell, Balloon Divas was born.

I started this blog to bring the wonderful world of balloon artistry into the mainstream. I am still awe-struck with this industry and all of the ways in which balloons are used. Balloon decorating is more than just three balloons on a string for a child’s birthday party.  Balloon artists all over the world have elevated the art form and skill of this industry to where it is today.  You will see and read about some of the events Balloon Divas decorate for, incredible decor from other artists around the world, event industry happenings, and various things that will give you an insider’s look into this industry.

I invite you to take a front seat with me through this journey.  I hope that you will be moved to comment on posts, ask questions, and engage in discussions. Are you ready? Great! Buckle your seat belts…and away we go!


Asha Adkins
Creative Director

P.S.  If you would like to contact me or keep up with what Balloon Divas is doing, please “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or email us at blog(at)BalloonDivas(dot)com.