2015 Color Trends

Just like fashion trends, color preferences come and go over the years, and according to the Pantone Color Institute’s color palette for 2015, coral and blue are the colors on the rise this year. The primary shades identified by the Institute include softer, cooler color choices along with subtly warm tones that have a minimalistic, natural feel.

coral balloon
Pale Blue
Pale Blue






With today’s frantic lifestyle that has everyone “plugged in” 24-hours-a-day, hosting an event that conveys this sense of calm can be a welcome relief for many. The popular colors for this year are:

  • Aquamarine (Pantone 14-4313)
  • Scuba Blue (Pantone 16-4725)
  • Lucite® Green (Pantone 14-5714)
  • Classic Blue (Pantone 19-4052)
  • Toasted Almond (Pantone 14-1213)
  • Strawberry Ice (Pantone 16-1720)
  • Tangerine (Pantone 15-1247)
  • Custard (Pantone 13-0720)
  • Marsala (Pantone 18-1438)
  • Glacier Gray (Pantone 14-4102)

This year’s hot color, Marsala, is a red wine shade that works well on its own or as a strong accent to other colors on this year’s palette. Two of our custom balloon colors, Cabernet and Cranberry, would be a great representation of Marsala.







The color Marsala will also add a sense of elegance to your event, and while it might not be the ideal color for a toddler’s birthday party, it works well in a variety of other special event applications. Combined with black or grey, for instance, this color will work well for a graduation party. The color is also versatile enough to work as an accent color with light blue, pink or light green as part of a baby shower color scheme.

Since some colors offer a seasonal connotation (pastels in spring, bright colors in summer, earth tones in fall and blue and white in winter) you might consider matching the color Marsala with the appropriate seasonal color to coincide with the time of year of your event. Marsala and Strawberry Ice would be ideal for a springtime event, while mixing it with Scuba Blue in the summer, Custard in the fall and Classic Blue in the winter would offer appropriate combinations.

The use of color is often an overlooked aspect of event planning, but if approached strategically, selecting the right color or combination of colors can go a long way toward creating a memorable atmosphere for any gathering.

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